• Lester Higgins

    Lester was initially the station manager of Pop FM, but was essentially demoted when his wife took the reigns. Lester's been with the radio station since it first signed on as "Good God FM". He was born and raised in Roanoke, which is where he currently resides with his blindly loyal wife Tess & daughter Addy. Lester considers himself “metro-sexual” and loves to stay up to date on all the latest happenings in Hollywood.
  • Helen Higgins

    Helen is the station secretary, who assumed the position when Delores moved to North Carolina with her now ex-husband Willy. Helen is also an on-air personality with her how-to show "Oh My Goodness, How Do You Do That?". But her most important role in life is as Lester's mother. Helen's personal life has seen a drastic change as well; going from being separated from her husband Dick to reconciling with Dick to being a lesbian… That’s just Helen!
  • Sammy "Cliff-Dawg" Willis

    Sammy is the station engineer, who never really seems to actually work on the equipment. Though he may appear to have a tough exterior, he’s very sensitive & has a flair for jewelry design. At the end of season 4, Sammy thought he'd married the love of his life only to be back on the market by season 5. Only the family side, Sammy is the adopted son of two gay men, one of whom is in the gay mafia.
  • Tess Higgins

    Tess is Lester's doting wife who, by season 2, became Lester's boss. Tess & Lester had a rough patch early on when she had a brief affair with Sammy. Eventually the two reconnected and went on to become parents. In addition to overseeing the daily operations of Talk FM, Tess launched her own line of t-shirts called "Tess Tee's".
  • Rusty Carmichael

    Rusty was a disc-jockey with Good God FM when he was sent to prison for an undisclosed reason. Rusty returned to his roots beginning in Season 4. Rusty is the stereotypical southerner who loves a good beer, jammin' to a twangy country tune and indulging in all things NASCAR. At the start of season 5, Rusty began dating/living with his ex-wife Lauraleen "Lacey" Carmichael.
  • Lacey Carmichael

    Lacey is the uninhabited ex-wife of Rusty Carmichael. Though she doesn't have an actual job, Lacey spends all her free time at the radio station. At first, she was considered a nuisance to the staff but she eventually found her way into the hearts of the whole crew. Lacey even represented Lester in his rape trial at the end of season 5.