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EPISODE #53 – “christmess”

  • Rusty & his wife Lacey rekindle their relationship. Katie drops a bomb on Sammy/Cliff-Dawg.

EPISODE #54 – “helen, interrupted”

  • While on a date with Harley, Helen is interrupted by everyone from the radio station.

EPISODE #55 – “tizzy”

  • Sammy feels Rusty is neglecting their friendship for Lacey. Meanwhile, Rob & Willow show up to discuss the station’s future.

EPISODE #56 – “vd”

  • Lester & Tess’ Valentine’s plans are interrupted by Babs Crowley. Meanwhile, Helen & Harley clean house now that Dick’s out of the house.

EPISODE #57 – “family ties”

  • Helen meets Harley’s daughter. Meanwhile, Sammy is accused by Lacey of robbing her brother.

EPISODE #58 – “geekin’ out”

  • Lester sees Babs for the first time since their night together. Meanwhile, “bro time” is interrupted when Lacey tags along with Sammy & Rusty to MystiCon.

EPISODE #59 – “the plan”

  • Lester decides to sue Babs Crowley for sexual assault. Meanwhile, Sammy’s sister-in-law visits.

EPISODE #60 – “law & disorder”

  • The staff goes to court for the case against Babs Crowley.