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EPISODE #39 – “symptoms of motherhood”

  • Both Tess & Helen announce their pregnancies. Sammy & Katie have lunch plans to meet Sammy’s dad.

EPISODE #40 – “so long adam lambert”

  • Lester mourns the loss of the station cat.

EPISODE #41 – “all play & no work”

  • Tess is summoned to the corporate office. Meanwhile, Helen throws Katie a baby shower; Delores & Lester counsel Sammy.

EPISODE #42 – “polishing”

  • Barcromb Finester-Crowley visits the station and interrogates the staff.

EPISODE #43 – “concert”

  • Lester plans a concert event featuring local singer Cory Campbell. Meanwhile, Helen joins a CrossFit class.

EPISODE #44 – “picture perfect”

  • Helen hires a photographer to take pictures of Lester & Tess. Meanwhile, Sammy & Katie meet Sammy’s father.

EPISODE #45 – “fired”

  • Barcromb Finester-Crowley visits under the guise that he wants to help the staff on Pop FM keep their jobs.

EPISODE #46 – “three months later”

  • Catching up with the staff of Pop FM three months after being fired.

EPISODE #47 – “the next chapter”

  • It’s the first day back at the radio station and changes are on the horizon. Meanwhile, Tess’ college friend Lily gives Helen a massage.

EPISODE #48 – “the baby shower”

  • Tess’ mother throws her a surprise baby shower. Meanwhile, Mike Wilson (formerly of ‘Daytime Blue Ridge’) applies for a job.

EPISODE #49 – “high on love”

  • Rusty fails his drug test. Meanwhile, Delores returns to seek comfort in an old friend because Willy has been cheating.

EPISODE #50 – “reverend ramona”

  • Sammy meets with an eccentric reverend for his impending nuptials to Katie.

EPISODE #51 – “smooth operator”

  • Lester hosts a couples’ party for Sammy & Katie. Meanwhile, Helen goes on her first “lesbian” date.

EPISODE #52 – “to have & to hold & to baby”

  • Lester plans a last-minute wedding for Sammy & Katie while Tess is due to give birth any minute.