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EPISODE #1 – “the new dj”

  • Radio station Good God FM welcomes a new disc jockey and other unknown changes.

EPISODE #2 – “the prodigal child cometh”

  • The arrival of Delores’s niece Casey.

EPISODE #3 – “the interview”

  •  An interview with a local newspaper uncovers Dina’s past.

EPISODE #4 – “dina come back”

  • The gang tries to convince Dina to come back to Pop FM.

EPISODE #5 – “holiday”

  • `Tis the season for chaos.

EPISODE #6 – “date night”

  • To cope with his recent separation, Delores sets Lester and her up on double dates.

EPISODE #7 – “snow day”

  • Revelations occur during a major snow storm in Roanoke.

EPISODE #8 – “delia lucas”

  • Popular radio personality & author Delia Lucas comes to town, much to the delite of Lester & Sammy.

EPISODE #9 – “no shame”

  • Lester decides to surprise Mrs. Higgins with a live poem reading.

EPISODE #10 – “party”

  • Sammy throws a party to disastrous results.