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EPISODE #61 – “sister”

  • Rusty's ex-wife returns.

EPISODE #62 – “drag”

  • Lester & Helen judge a drag competition. Meanwhile, Sammy flirts with a bartender.

EPISODE #63 – “losing dick”

  • Dick Higgins passes away.

EPISODE #64 – “tess' tees”

  • Tess Tees launch party.

EPISODE #65 – “lez be thankful"

  • Helen's sister Barbara visits, not knowing she's now a lesbian.

EPISODE #66 – “it's a wonderful life without lester"

  • Lester gets a glimpse at what life would be like without him.

EPISODE #67 – “laffghanistan!"

  • Lester decides to start an improv troupe to lift the spirits of both Helen & Lacey, who are both going through break-ups.

EPISODE #68 – “the comedian"

  • Lester's comedian "friend" from high school visits.

EPISODE #69 – “the lottery"

  • Rusty begins seeing Crystal after she wins the lottery. Meanwhile, Lacey sees a fertility doctor.

EPISODE #70 – “doopleginger"

  • Lacey interviews potential sperm donors from Craigslist.