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EPISODE #25 - “secretaries & siblings”

  • Pop FM looks for a new secretary; Sammy finds out the truth about Shelly.

EPISODE #26 - “diggin’”

  • Katie has her first sales meeting with a local funeral director. Helen begins treating the station like her home.

EPISODE #27 - “planking”

  • Mike has an obsessed fan. Helen’s back gives out while “planking”.

EPISODE #28 - “intervention”

  • The staff thinks Tess is an alcoholic and stages an intervention.

EPISODE #29 - “gabbin’ gals”

  • A group of female protesters protest Pop FM; Carl wants to reconnect with Lester.

EPISODE #30 - “reconnecting”

  • Helen & Trevor go on a couples’ retreat; Mike’s twin brother visits.

EPISODE #31 - “bieber fever”

  • Lester tries to impress Tess’ nieces; Katie helps Helen get over Trevor.

EPISODE #32 - “merry jewmas”

  • Lester & Helen embrace the Jewish faith to impress Tess’ parents.

EPISODE #33 - “milf”

  • Tess decides to fire Mike; Katie wants to become a mother.

EPISODE #34 - “promotion”

  • The staff does their part to help promote Pop FM.

EPISODE #35 - “italy marriot”

  • An heiress/pop singer stops by Pop FM to promote her new album.

EPISODE #36 – “roanoke’s favorite darling”

  • Lester enters a pageant.

EPISODE #37 – “badass”

  • Sammy changes his persona to impress Katie. Meanwhile, Helen tries out for the Star City Roller Girls.

EPISODE #38 – “whining n’dining”

  • Mike hosts a dinner party at his house, where Lester & his dad reunite. Meanwhile, Katie drops a bombshell on Sammy.